Discover Elegant Living with 999 Developments in Chiang Mai : Pool Villas in Classic and Modern Styles

When it comes to finding your dream home, the choice of style can make all the difference. At 999 Developments in Chiang Mai, we offer two distinct and beautifully designed house types to cater to varied tastes and lifestyles: the Classic Pool Villas and the Modern Style homes. Each style brings its unique charm and benefits, ensuring that every homeowner finds their perfect match. Our Classic Pool Villas exude elegance and timeless beauty, featuring traditional design elements that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. On the other hand, our Modern Style homes are the epitome of contemporary living, offering sleek lines, open spaces, and cutting-edge design. Both options come with their private pools, adding a touch of luxury and an oasis-like feel to your home. Whether you are drawn to the cozy and familiar or the chic and avant-garde, 999 Developments has something special for you.

999@Ban Wang Tan Modern Pool Villas

Type A Modern Pool Villas

by 999 Developments are a testament to luxurious living, merging spacious comfort with sleek design. The development in Chiang Mai offers a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living with its 382 square meters of thoughtfully designed space. Each villa boasts four generously sized bedrooms and five bathrooms, ensuring privacy and comfort for all residents.

The highlight of these villas is the private swimming pool, measuring a generous 4 by 8 meters, perfect for both relaxation and entertainment. Imagine taking a refreshing dip on a hot day or hosting a poolside barbecue for friends and family; these pool villas are designed to cater to all your whims.

999@Ban Wang Tan Modern Pool Villas

The interiors speak volumes of modern sophistication, with clean lines, open-plan living areas, and state-of-the-art fixtures. The use of light and space has been maximized to create an airy, yet cozy environment that you can call home. The outdoor area is equally impressive, with lush greenery complementing the cool blue waters of the pool, offering a tranquil oasis in the heart of Chiang Mai.

The Type A Modern Pool Villas are more than just a home; they are a lifestyle choice for those who seek the finest in modern living with the added bonus of a touch of tropical luxury. Whether you’re enjoying the peaceful ambiance of your private pool or the comfort of your spacious living area, life here is sure to be nothing short of exceptional.

Type D Modern Pool Villas 

 at 999 Developments are designed for those with a taste for the finer things and a penchant for space and luxury. Priced starting at 13.91 million baht, these homes deliver both grandeur and practicality in a spacious 330 square meter total usable area, with an internal area of 208 square meters, accommodating a comfortable lifestyle.

A standout feature is the ample parking space for four cars, a rarity that speaks volumes of the convenience offered. The heart of the residence is a pristine salt-water swimming pool, sized at a generous 4 by 8 meters, inviting residents to dive into their private escape from the warmth of the tropics.

999@Ban Waen Modern Pool Villas

The abode offers four plush bedrooms and four contemporary bathrooms, fostering a private and serene living space for each family member. Not just a living space but a canvas for memories, every corner of these villas is crafted with care and consideration.

The villas’ commitment to quality is evident in the inclusion of a built-in European kitchen, presenting a Fully Fitted Western Kitchen that is both a chef’s dream and a central hub for family gatherings.

While the price does not include furniture, it offers the perfect opportunity to personalize your space, creating a home that truly reflects your style and preferences. With every detail meticulously planned, from the expansive layout to the luxe finishes, Type D at 999 Developments represents not just a home, but a lifestyle upgrade.

Type E Modern Pool Villas

is now presented with an even more tailored experience for those seeking a fusion of luxury and practicality in the heart of Chiang Mai. These villas, sprawling across 328 square meters of artfully designed space, come equipped with four elegant bedrooms and four sophisticated bathrooms, catering to both comfort and privacy.

Visualize yourself lounging by your private 4 by 7-meter swimming pool, basking in the tranquility of your own secluded paradise. The pool area beckons with its promise of leisure and pleasure, an ideal setting for unwinding or hosting memorable gatherings.

The architectural excellence of these villas is apparent in every corner, from the towering, airy ceilings in the living spaces to the seamless integration of the indoors with the outdoors, encouraging a lifestyle that is both relaxed and refined. The kitchen and dining areas boast modern amenities and a layout that makes socializing an effortless affair, while the overall design of the villa resonates with contemporary elegance, punctuated by the convenience of cutting-edge facilities.

Type E Modern Pool Villas are not just houses; they are meticulously crafted havens, offering a slice of modernity amidst the lush landscape of Chiang Mai. They promise a living experience that balances the bustle of city life with the peace and serenity of a private retreat. Whether it’s the sophisticated design, the expansive living spaces, or the private pool that draws you in, these homes are crafted to provide an unrivaled living experience.

Platinum Luxury Pool Villas

by 999 Developments encapsulate the essence of classic elegance and grandeur. These exquisite homes offer a lavish living experience with a generous build-up area of 685 square meters. They feature five opulent bedrooms and six well-appointed bathrooms, ensuring every family member or guest enjoys comfort and privacy in their personal retreat.

Beyond the interior’s luxurious spaces lies a grand saltwater swimming pool that stretches 5 by 15 meters, inviting you to indulge in the serene and expansive outdoor area designed for entertainment, relaxation, and intimate gatherings. The classic architectural style of these villas is complemented by the timeless beauty of their surroundings, offering a tranquil and exclusive atmosphere.

The villa’s design harkens back to a more refined era, with attention to detail evident in every aspect of its construction and styling. From the ample parking space that can accommodate up to seven vehicles to the carefully selected fixtures and finishes, the Platinum Luxury Pool Villas stand as a pinnacle of comfort and sophistication.

With a focus on creating an ambience that is both grand and welcoming, these homes are ideal for those who value space, privacy, and a touch of classic luxury in their lives. Whether you’re basking in the tranquility of your private pool or entertaining guests in the expansive living areas, the Platinum Luxury Pool Villas offer an unrivaled living experience in Chiang Mai.

Luxury Mansion in Ban Wang Tan

Type Gold Luxury Pool Villas  

by 999 Developments present an opulent lifestyle with the convenience of a ‘ready to move in’ status. Spanning a generous 685 square meters of build-up area, these residences provide an abundant living space with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, ensuring each occupant’s comfort and privacy.

The villas are complemented by a 5 x 9 meter saltwater swimming pool with jet spa jacuzzi, creating a focal point for relaxation and social gatherings. The thoughtful design extends to the practical features that come with the home, such as SCG Reflective Insulation, a double brick wall for enhanced privacy and insulation, and a stamped concrete parking area with sufficient space for six vehicles.

Review pool villa Type Gold 1
Review pool villa Type Gold 1
Review pool villa Type Gold 1

Residents will appreciate the convenience of multi-point sliding door locks, a separate maid’s quarters, and the security of CCTV. For those with electric vehicles, an EV charger plug is a modern amenity that underscores the villas’ contemporary offerings.

The entrance experience is made seamless with an automatic front gate and a digital door lock, while the aesthetic appeal of the property is heightened by professional garden landscaping complete with an automatic sprinkler system.

Review pool villa Type Gold 1
999@gymkhana Phase 2

Inside, the homes boast built-in bookshelves under the staircase, and a Western kitchen that is fully fitted with appliances like a dishwasher, cooker hood, and electric stove. Additionally, there is an Asian kitchen featuring a counter and sink. Convenience is paramount, with hot and cold water available to all taps, a luxurious bathtub in the master bath, elegant chandeliers, and tasteful wallpaper finishing the look of these magnificent homes.

Discover Elegant Living with 999 Developments in Chiang Mai

Type Gold Luxury Pool Villas are not just residences; they are a symbol of a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle, offering all the features and amenities one could wish for in a serene and secure environment.

Pool Villas Type Silver

offers an epitome of luxury and spacious living with meticulously designed features for an exceptional living experience. These villas come with four commodious bedrooms and five elegant bathrooms, accommodating the needs of a modern family or hosting guests with ease and comfort. The availability of 2 to 4 parking spaces within the property ensures ample room for vehicles.


Set on a generous land starting from 141 to 175 square wah, the Type Silver Villas are characterized by their extensive build-up area of 382 square meters, providing an airy and expansive living environment. At the heart of the outdoor space lies a pristine 4×8 meter saltwater swimming pool, perfect for enjoying the tropical climate or entertaining guests.

The villas are equipped with several high-end features that ensure both comfort and functionality. This includes SCG Reflective Insulation for optimal thermal efficiency, a double brick wall that enhances both the aesthetic appeal and privacy, and a concrete stamped parking area that combines durability with elegance.


Attention to detail is evident in the garden’s landscaping, complete with an automatic sprinkler system, while the interiors boast built-in bookshelves ingeniously placed under the staircase. The culinary needs are catered for with a built-in Western kitchen that is fully fitted with modern appliances, including a dishwasher, cooker hood, and electric stove, alongside an Asian kitchen with a functional counter and sink.

Comfort is not compromised, with hot and cold water supplied to all taps, two bathtubs for a relaxing soak, and decorative touches like a chandelier and elegant wallpaper to complete the sophisticated interior design.

999@Gymkhana Phase2

Type Silver Pool Villas are not merely homes; they are sanctuaries of tranquility and luxury that offer a superior living experience tailored to those who appreciate a blend of modern amenities and timeless elegance.