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999 Developments Chiangmai

…Because every detail matters

Here at 999 Developments, our dream is to “Build a home like our own.” 

We are a team of real estate developers who love interior design and create quality homes with endless inspiration.

Our motto is …because every detail matters” meaning that we will not stop untill every detail is perfect.

If we go back to the beginning before we started our home development business, we were in the real estate business. We bought condos and second-hand houses and then renovated and sold them. But we encountered a lot of problems; the floor plans were terrible, the materials were subpar, the homes and condos were lacking basic features

However, these problems quickly became opportunities because we found others in real estate and looking for real estate felt the same way. This was a turning point for us.


Our team decided to solve these problems by switching our focus to develop newly-built and uniquely designed homes. We developed our concept, “Build a home like your own.”  In other words, every home we design and build, is the type of home we want to live in ourselaves. Our homes have:


  • Well thought out and planned layouts
  • High quality materials
  • Top of the line features and appliances
  • Incredible interior design

999 Developments Chiangmai

 We are able to do this because we’ve encountered what exisiting real estate in Chiang Mai offers and we go above and beyond to make sure every detail matters. We control every detail from the start of the construction until we deliver the house to the new owner.


Our first project was in Ban Nam Phrae, Hang Dong District, where we designed 2 different types of homes. One design had a swimming pool while the other had a two-story house with a garden. 

Later, we redesigned and combined these projects into our Luxury Pool Villa In Modern And Classic Style which are being built in a total of 10 projects, each full of uniqueness!

999 Developments Chiangmai’s concept is to build quality homes with the residents’ practicality in mind.

Architecture And Design

All our projects are unique and designed in-house.

We overlook the construction process from start to finish by ourselves, to make sure the end result is perfect. 

At 999 Developments we build houses from a simple concept: every house we build is built like one we want to live in.

We remember back to the first time we designed our first house. The Nam Phrae project was built in a loft style emphasizing a lot of living space in the house. All zones were connected perfectly. It can be said that there was no space to be lonely because no matter where you were in every corner of the house, you could see each other and talk with each other.

In addition to the loft style house we continued to adjust and created them modern classic style pool villa in white with a facade for privacy. The interiors remain open and spacious and we’ve increased the floor plans to have even more usable space.

Each of our home projects is unique with modern materials used.

We focus on the highest quality in every project.


The Materials We Use

Modern Luxury, Quality living

Climate-Appropriate Materials

Building using climate-appropriate materials is one of the main factors we consider because climatic conditions affect the efficiency of the selected materials. We consider the weather conditions such as the amount of sunlight, heat, cold, wind direction, rain, and Thailand’s hot climate. 999 Developments projects recognize these problems and therefore we choose specific roof materials. Our homes use a type of metal sheet with a thickness exceeding the standard with a rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant roof coating. We also install SCG sheet insulation under the roof by using a thickness of 15cm, which can reflect heat twice as much as the standard size. We also design the roof around the house to have ventilation holes and attach a net to prevent insects.

999@บ้านวังตาล โมเดิร์นพูลวิลล่า
เคล็คไม่ลับ กับการเลือกซื้อบ้าน

Durable Materials

We use two criteria to select the durability of a material

  1. A material that is naturally resistant to weather conditions such as rusting or mold from damp conditions, swelling, or erosion from rain or natural disasters*.
  2. The material is resistant to man-made damage such as cracking. All of our projects use red masonry bricks with high density and strength properties.

*To protect from insects such as termites, we have poured concrete to build a good foundation of the house and have placed a termite control system under each home.



Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is an important selection basis for the selection of building materials, too because good material is easy to care for and more importantly, inexpensive to maintain.


999@บ้านวังตาล โมเดิร์นพูลวิลล่า
999@บ้านวังตาล โมเดิร์นพูลวิลล่า

Design And Beauty

999 Developments believe that everyone has different preferences, tastes, and needs. Only you can know what kind of house and what style would you like to live in and which home can convey your identity.

No matter how you choose a 999 Developments Modern- Classic Style house, it will convey that you are modern and always keep up with the world yet still maintain that feeling of warmth. Our homes offer timeless beauty which in Chiang Mai is quite rare.

Our Values


We have an ideology and progressive vision. We’re an organization that is transparent, trustworthy and encourages everyone to communicate, to exchange ideas, to enhance the experience and grow together.




Our drive for creativity is timeless. In order to always produce good results we pay attention to every detail.



Every problem and obstacle is a learning experience. We aim towards new creativity and development along with the organization.



Everyone is focused on the goals of the organization and have a consistent overview of success. We look at outcomes rather than ideology. We have confidence in the work of each party to reach the goal effectively.



Trust is important for effective teams and helping them achieve their goals. A team without trust, innovation, collaboration, or creativity may cause performance degradation.



Good interpersonal relationships lead to mutual understanding. We help each other through unity in work and celebrate our outcomes.

Company Management Team




Noi, The founder and Director of 999 Developments, carries a unique and personal connection to the company’s name, making it more than just a brand. Born in Chiang Mai, she infuses her local heritage into the company’s ethos. No detail or design escapes her meticulous gaze, reflecting her deep commitment to excellence. Beyond her professional pursuits, Noi finds joy in savoring various cuisines, indulging her love for food, and cherishing moments spent with her family.




Stig Vinck, Belgian national and Director of 999 Developments, showcases a fervent passion for real estate, akin to his dedication to the endurance sport of triathlon. Living in Chiang Mai for over 15 years, he’s not only fluent in Thai but also deeply immersed in its culture. Just as a triathlete perseveres to reach the finish line, Stig commits to seeing every property project through to its immaculate completion, embodying the same resilience and dedication in both arenas.



General Manager

Nicky, General Manager of 999 Developments, embodies the spirit of Chiang Mai, having been born and raised in its vibrant surroundings. As a devoted mother to Nita, she effortlessly balances her dynamic professional life with nurturing her daughter’s growth. Outside the office, the natural allure of Chiang Mai beckons, and Nicky often finds solace and rejuvenation in hiking its scenic trails. Her deep-rooted connection to the locale and personal pursuits make her an invaluable asset to the 999 Developments family.



Project Director

Boo, Project Director at 999 Developments, brings a wealth of experience from projects spanning Southeast Asia. His astute professional acumen is matched only by his role as a dedicated father. Outside the demands of work, Boo’s weekends are marked by the rev of his motorcycle, a testament to his adventurous spirit. Additionally, his passion for physical wellness shines through his love for cycling and weightlifting. With his diverse interests and expertise, Boo provides a unique blend of dedication and dynamism to the team.



Business Strategy Manager

Mikael, a Swede, has resided in Thailand for 20 years. Previously a Project Director with Ericsson across Asia, he’s garnered deep regional insights. A proud father of three daughters, his personal life is as dynamic as his professional one. Outside of work, Mikael is passionate about running and regularly dedicates time to hitting the gym. A veteran real estate investor, Mikael now leads strategic decisions at 999 Developments, seamlessly blending his European heritage with his Asian experience.



Head of Finance and HR

Pim, born and raised in Chiang Mai, is a sincere and attentive individual, consistently devoted to every matter at hand, whether at work or during leisure time. During her free time, Pim enjoys taking photographs and discovering delicious eateries. She values solitude for introspection on daily occurrences and thrives on planning, enabling her to tackle any challenges that may arise. Her meticulous nature and keen eye for detail, coupled with her exceptional planning skills, make her perfectly suited for the role of Head of Finances at 999 Developments.



Sales and Marketing Director

Steven is a Dutch/American national who has lived in Thailand for 14 years. Before joining 999 Developments, he managed the APAC business for an American SaaS company. His professional dedication and commitment are also reflected in his private life, where he trains for triathlons after spending quality time with his wife and twin daughters. Steven now leads the sales and marketing teams at 999 Developments, contributing significantly to the company’s goals.


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