999@Gymkhana – Type Platinum

Start price 60.38 M THB


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685 m2






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999@Gymkhana Phase 2

Price 60.38 MB.

Exterior Design Concept 

Type Platinum : The single-storey house with a raised floor spans 685 square meters, boasting a luxurious exterior design that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements. Dominated by rich brown tones, the façade exudes sophistication. A focal point is the front fountain, creating an inviting ambiance. The architecture prioritizes a wide usable area, maximizing both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Elegant detailing and timeless lines define the exterior, presenting a harmonious marriage of opulence and modern design. This residence stands as a testament to the fusion of classic luxury with a contemporary twist, offering a visually stunning and welcoming home.

Lanna Thara Luxury Mansion

Luxury of western kitchen

This opulent dining room, nestled alongside a glistening swimming pool, exudes luxury and sophistication. Adorned with lavish furnishings, the spacious area accommodates ten seats, inviting guests to indulge in a sumptuous culinary experience. The open-plan Western  kitchen boasts modernity and functionality, featuring a sleek bar counter and state-of-the-art appliances. Built-in shelves showcase a sophisticated wine cabinet, adding a touch of refinement. Every detail contributes to the room’s grandeur, creating an ambiance of timeless elegance where culinary delights are savored amidst a backdrop of comfort and style.

Lanna Thara Luxury Mansion

Opulent Elegance: A Luxurious Haven of Light and Space

Step into a realm of refined luxury with our spacious bedrooms, boasting a generous living area adorned in opulent decor. Brilliantly curated lighting transforms the space into a radiant haven, casting a warm glow on lavish furnishings. Expansive glass windows invite natural light to dance through the room, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere. Each bedroom is a sanctuary of style, complemented by clear glass windows that frame scenic views. The epitome of indulgence, our bedrooms seamlessly integrate with walk-in closets, providing a lavish retreat where sophistication meets comfort in a harmonious symphony of design.


Lanna Thara Luxury Mansion
Lanna Thara Luxury Mansion

Platinum type Bedrooms 5 Bathroom Start Price 60.38 Mb.

Type Platinum – Interior Design

Create a sophisticated home interior with modern light brown tones, featuring a spacious living room divided into three distinct zones. Elevate the ambiance with high-end furniture, seamlessly blending style and comfort. Highlight the luxurious essence by incorporating a dedicated cocktail bar zone within the living space, ensuring convenience and elegance. This design concept embraces contemporary aesthetics, fostering a warm and inviting atmosphere while emphasizing the importance of functional and aesthetically pleasing interior decoration.

Lanna Thara Luxury Mansion

Serene Oasis Retreat: A Tranquil Haven of Elegance and Relaxation

Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury with our stunning 15×9 meter saltwater swimming pool, set against the backdrop of a meticulously landscaped garden. The poolside experience is elevated by a vast verandah crafted from WPC artificial wood, adorned with chic rattan chairs, creating a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and natural allure. Indulge in outdoor activities under the expansive sky, surrounded by lush greenery and the soothing sounds of a water feature. The landscape garden, equipped with an automatic sprinkler system, ensures a lush, vibrant environment, inviting you to unwind in this idyllic retreat, where every moment is a celebration of tranquility and style.

Lanna Thara Luxury Mansion

Opulent Elegance: Illuminated Walk-in Closet Haven

Step into opulence with our luxurious walk-in closet adorned in sophistication. The space is meticulously designed with built-in shelves, strategically illuminated to showcase your wardrobe treasures. Soft, ambient lighting transforms the closet into a radiant display, highlighting every detail of your fashion collection. A large, ornate mirror takes center stage, reflecting elegance and functionality. This mirror not only adds a touch of glamour but also enhances the practicality of the space, making outfit selection a breeze. Immerse yourself in the allure of this glamorous sanctuary, where style meets convenience, creating a haven that’s as beautiful as it is user-friendly.

Home features and amenities

Fully function master bedroom

5 bedrooms 6 bathroom, bathtub in master bath

Big Living Room

High ceiling 7 matre, Reading corner Fully air-conditioned, Wallpaper

Fully fitted western kitchen

Wine cooler, Dishwasher, Dining room, Thai kitchen

House Icon

CCTV & Front Gate

CCTV camera, Automatic front gate The fence is 2.4 meters high



Parking for 7 cars, 2 entrance, Automatic front and back gate, Digital door lock system, Multiple lock for slide windows



Private swimming pool

swimming pool saltwater system 5*15 mattre, Fountain, Curtain and blinds, Big storage room, Hot-cold water to all taps

Landscaped Garden

Automatic sprinklers

Maid quarters

Laundry room, Washing machine and dryer machine

Type Platinum
999@gymkhana Phase 2


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Address: Wat ket, Mueng Chiangmai 50000
  • Country: Thailand

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